Design the workshop that suits you

Sales training workshops designed around your team

In an ideal world generic sales training courses are fine – If your team are all on the same page during their development, all with the same needs that fit neatly in to a one-size-fits-all program.  

Clozemore, in association with Gazing Performance Systems has developed highly flexible modular workshops for you to choose exactly which skills you want delivered, to who, where and when.  

Select from the modules below to ‘Pick n Mix’ the components that match your needs and timetable best. 

Workshops are designed to take place at your premises or a venue of your choice over 1,2 or 3 days.


Collaborative Sales Skills

Success in selling solutions is dependent on collaborating with clients by using solid questioning and effective listening techniques. To fully develop these skills, sales people must know when it’s time to listen, when to dig deeper and how to maximise impact.  Finding the pain by understanding the ‘Buyer’s Journey’ and providing the cure always leads to increased sales.


Overcoming Objections & Closing Techniques

Understanding that these two topics go hand-in-hand in forming a natural part of the ‘Buyers Journey’ is crucial. Many sales people fear objections and rejection when in reality they are part of a seamless process resulting in someone being closed; either the buyer will buy or the seller will fail.


Body Language & Personality Types

Paying attention to what type of personality we are dealing with and what they might be thinking can give sales people a significant advantage when it comes to deciding what course of action to take. Learning when to speak and when to shut up and listen is an art that few master.


Prospect Validation & Forecast Accuracy

It’s impossible to close 100% of the deals you are working on. However, it is possible to understand exactly what a genuine prospect is and evaluate the likelihood of them producing business.  Invaluable tool for managers and sales people to take control and improve forecasting accuracy.


Negotiation Skills

No matter what your role, negotiating is an important skill. Without it, we run the risk of either alienating our customers when we get our way or feeling like a door mat when we don’t. Learn how a successful negotiator is able to carefully balance the value of relationships against goals to create a win-win result.

2 hours

Polish Up Your Presentations

Presenting is a skill that brings some sales people out in a cold sweat.  This simple to learn module will prepare even the most stage-frightened individuals to build presentations and become accomplished speakers comfortable of showcasing your products under stressful circumstances.

2 hours

Telephone Skills

If you’re using the telephone to generate sales leads then tele-sales training is essential, especially if you’re calling large companies that can allocate a significant budget to working with your company.  Reputations can be built, or botched by the humble call-centre.

2 hours

Prospect & Territory Management

The building blocks of a successful sales person.  If the basics are left to chance it will be very difficult for new recruits to succeed. This step-by-step guide provides a clear structure for them to follow with the objective of making them productive from day 1.  

2 hours

How your two day workshop might look

Monday: Collaborative Selling Skills

Tuesday AM: Overcoming Objections & Closing

Tuesday PM: Negotiation & Presentation Skills


Having the right mindset is a prerequisite for every successful sales person.  Highlighting specific areas to focus on encourages them to improve; every topic from this list has scope for improvements.

  • Focused
  • Calm & Collected
  • Positive
  • Dependable
  • Target-driven
  • Mature
  • Observant
  • Relaxed
  • Confident


Skillset is limited only by the desire to learn. Delegates benefit from guidance and direct coaching in several areas of this non-exhaustive list which encourages small adjustments to behaviour and outlook.

  • Questioning & Listening
  • Objection handling
  • Telephone skills
  • Rapport
  • Body language & Personality types
  • Focus on benefits
  • ‘Buyer’s Journey’
  • Knowing when to close
  • Empathy & tact


Understanding that the buyer’s DNA follows a certain process is vital in today’s battle for attention.  Deviation from structure by ‘pushing’ at inappropriate times rarely wins complex sales.

  • Call planning
  • Preparation
  • Objectives
  • Rapport
  • Question time
  • Listening time
  • Selling benefits
  • Solutions when appropriate
  • Gaining commitment