Increase sales & protect margins with bespoke Sales & Performance workshops;
designed around your people, your industry, your firm

When sales teams are small and relatively easy to train you can keep them close; shadowing you whilst you encourage them to absorb your ways: finding prospects, presenting solutions, handling objections & closing deals. And catching them when they fall.

  • You enjoy helping your people develop as it can be immensely satisfying and rewarding; but with a growing business you’re pulled in directions you didn’t even know existed
  • Your firm can’t justify a dedicated Training Department, or another expensive manager
  • You need Performance Workshops to deliver bespoke content tailored to your people, your industry, your firm

What is your perception of Training CoursesDo you believe they achieve genuine Behaviour Change? Possibly not. But with a Structured Plan, commitment, Manageable Expectations and the right orchestration of events, it can happen. 

  • Does it happen? Yes, and we’ll make it happen
  • Picture the change. If you can clearly identify your ‘Current State’ and ‘Desired Reality’ we can build a path to get you there
  • Free, no obligation discovery session for you to explore options and establish if we can help you increase sales, protect margins and boost turnover

Courses are designed for 2-8 delegates to take place at your premises or a venue of your choice over 1-4 days.

Design a course that suits your needs

The Buyers Journey

An intimate understanding of how buyers make purchasing decisions, and where they are on their journey, is critical if you want to learn how to help them buy and guide them through the process.

The buyer’s journey module helps sellers build a structure that guides prospects according to their needs and timeline rather than by trying to force their hands.

Research tells us that over 75% of sellers enter in to the sales process with only one thing on their mind; closing the sale.

It might have worked in the dim and distant past but today’s buyer is already 60-90% along the road to buying before engaging a sales person.

Only empathy and intelligent questioning will uncover where they are on that path. The more you know about how a prospect is likely to behave throughout their journey, the better you can line up content that answers the exact questions they have.

Forecast with Confidence

Business Forecasting has never been an exact science; it is however a necessary, and occasionally painful, part of Sales Management; relying on your team to deliver accurate predictions.

The more accurate the data you receive from your team, the more accurate it will be when you need it.

Unique to Clozemore, the latest S.P.O.R.T.S.M.A.N. forecasting model is an invaluable tool for managers and sellers to take control and improve forecasting accuracy and confidence.

Since sales leaders can’t use a crystal ball to predict the future, they are left either analysing historical data to anticipate future sales or relying on forecasts from their team.

This often becomes problematic when sellers confuse ‘Optimistic expectations’ with ‘Realistic forecasts’.

Perform Under Pressure

Saturday morning 04.00. You are a junior doctor on your way to A&E to see an elderly woman with heart failure and a chest infection.

The Head Doctor has warned you that the patient’s daughter is extremely angry at the delay and has been waiting in reception for three hours.

You haven’t eaten since breakfast. Your only sustenance has been the occasional cup of tea and a biscuit from a sympathetic nurse.

You haven’t been sleeping well because you’ve been worrying about your mortgage payments and how much overtime you’ll have to work in order to catch up.

As you arrive in A&E you overhear the Head Nurse receiving a call from an ambulance attending a multiple car road traffic accident.

There will be six or seven seriously injured people arriving within the next twenty minutes.  How will you cope?


Having the right mindset is a prerequisite for every successful sales person.  Highlighting specific areas to focus on encourages them to improve; every topic from this list has scope for improvements.

  • Focused
  • Calm & Collected
  • Positive
  • Dependable
  • Target-driven
  • Mature
  • Observant
  • Relaxed
  • Confident


Skillset is limited only by the desire to learn. Delegates benefit from guidance and direct coaching in several areas of this non-exhaustive list which encourages small adjustments to behaviour and outlook.

  • Questioning & Listening
  • Objection handling
  • Telephone skills
  • Rapport
  • Body language & Personality types
  • Focus on benefits
  • ‘Buyer’s Journey’
  • Knowing when to close
  • Empathy & tact


Understanding that the buyer’s DNA follows a certain process is vital in today’s battle for attention.  Deviation from structure by ‘pushing’ at inappropriate times rarely wins complex sales.

  • Call planning
  • Preparation
  • Objectives
  • Rapport
  • Question time
  • Listening time
  • Selling benefits
  • Solutions when appropriate
  • Gaining commitment