Gazing Performance Systems

Developing the process, skills and mindset to drive predictable outcomes

A programme of assessment, training and coaching for frontline sales or service teams.

The context and concepts introduced focus on all the critical basic selling and service skills, but are centred on a simple, clear understanding of how customers build perceptions, form long-term relationships, and make decisions to buy.

Why Gazing?

Results & Skills

At the end of the programme, every participant will have:

  • A clear understanding of the key principles involved in customer-focussed selling
  • A new awareness of the major ‘traps’ to avoid in selling and how to deal with them
  • A clear diagnosis of their current deals, identifying the most important next steps
  • A working knowledge of the Mindset Selling map and the main selling skills tools

Mindset Selling

Putting a focus on:

  • Performing under pressure in a real sales environment
  • Using unique clear one page maps and practical tools available in a range of easily usable formats to help control pressurised situations
  • The critical importance of post training coaching and implementation to ensure continued use of tools and strategies
  • Developing a strong measurable return on investment

Download ‘Mindset Selling’ Fact-Sheet